The EuroParler Action Plan is composed of several different modules, which can be booked individually or as part of a combined package

Newsletter: We can develop your unique MEP newsletter, adapted to suit the visual style of your party, but with content that still bears the hallmarks of your own personal viewpoint. Alongside the content you supply, we also provide your readers with journalistic press texts covering your main topics of interest. On top of this, we also offer direct access to media focussing on European politics (TV, radio, online, print), where we can also communicate your message.

Campaign profile: After the election is before the next election. Which is why it’s a bright idea to always have a brief, professional, written summary of you and your key policies at hand.

TV publicity: Our services in this field range from the editorial and film production of any marketing videos that you might need for your parliamentary and party websites as well as for the Parlamentarium visitor centre, to coaching and placement in TV formats, which we also partially produce ourselves.

Organisation of media trips for journalists and key influential figures: In addition to tours for visitors from constituencies that are part of your budget, it is also vital that you meet regularly with key opinion makers from your home region. We can support you in Brussels and Strasbourg by providing insights into the political heart of Europe, reaching far beyond the usual visitor programme.