About us

EuroParler originated from the European Circle publishing house. For almost ten years, European Circle has been reporting on the world of European politics. In addition to the monthly digital magazine and regular, in-depth articles on their website, the European Circle uses their weekly newsletter and weekly television reports to provide a continuous stream of information from Brussels and the countries of the European Union.

The European Circle network includes, amongst other things, a re-launched talk show that ties in with another long-established television programme and regularly interviews thought-provoking guests.

EuroParler provides a wide range of products and services relating to political communication, which we would be delighted to present to you in a results-driven discussion. We can also explain to you different ways in which other members of the European Parliament have been able to successfully finance their political communication strategy.

Our representatives in Brussels, Strasbourg and Berlin are all multilingual and have many years of experience in this field as well as extensive knowledge of the institutional and political relationships in Europe.

We look forward to hearing from you:

Tel: +32 (483) 39 44 24
E-mail: bruessel@europarler.eu

Tel: +49 (30) 69 20 23 530
E-Mail: berlin@europarler.eu