Welcome to the European Parliament

Congratulations on gaining entry to the only democratically elected institution in the European Union. You are a key player in the most important legislative period since the first direct elections in 1979. You will have the opportunity to elect a new President of the European Commission. Furthermore, you will be involved in decisions that affect our entire continent in a crucial phase of its integration. But are your voters, constituents and even fellow party members back home even aware of this? Do your voters and supporters know what you are going to do next?

We have been active on the European stage for many years and we understand the pressure placed on politicians in Brussels and Strasbourg to be seen to take action. Nowhere else is the form of currency known as ‘attention’ more expensive or more valuable than it is here. You must compete with countless other institutions and public figures just to make your voice heard.

EuroParler (or parler d’Europe, French for “discussion about Europe”) is a modular action plan that can be used alongside your work in committees, parliamentary groups and delegations to continuously attract attention to yourself in your political homeland from day one. You can concentrate on your key objectives and political messages, whilst we take care of all the communication channels that you need.